5 Travel Ideas for Escaping the Holidays

Not everyone loves the holidays. Whether it’s because they’re single with not a lot of family, or because they just don’t think it’s worth all the effort. Whatever the reason, there are actually people who want to get away from it all and do their own thing. And that should be okay. Shouldn’t it?

If you’re one of those people, here are some suggestions for some holiday getaways to places where you can really leave it all behind. Another perk… Most of these places have no cell service so your family can’t call you to whine you’re not there. Again.

Montego Bay, Jamaica One of the largest cities in Jamaica, Montego Bay is a place where they speak English, so there’s no language barrier to concern yourself with. Want a rum punch? Order one and enjoy saying it in English! But… The best part of MoBay, as the locals call it, is there’s a beach, there’s sunshine, there’s all kinds of amazing food, there’s a comfy hotel bed, there are the patio doors in your room you can open to hear the surf pounding as you fall asleep, and there’s a front desk clerk who will allow you the privilege of “No phone calls.” I mean, c’mon people! Why is it “Do not disturb” causes your friends and family to go into a frenzy? You love your family, you really do. But sometimes you just want to decompress with no one bothering you, right? And on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day? Are you eating overcooked ham or dry turkey? Nope. You’re feasting on fresh fruit, with a mimosa for breakfast, French toast, a mountain of bacon and, hey… Listen to that! Your sister’s kid isn’t screaming in your ear they don’t want milk!

Taos Ski Valley
Taos Ski Valley Photo Credit: Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley Okay, first… This isn’t an, “I’m gonna fly into Albuquerque” kind of thing. The Taos Ski Valley is about two hours south of the airport. Remember, though: you’re the one who wants to get away from it all. Once you’re there, though, you’ll know it was worth the trip and you’ll never want to leave. No matter what time of year it is, there’s something to do, so for all your non-snow skiers, here’s a great place to go year-round. There’s beautiful scenery, living close to nature, clean mountain air, and not a lot of people due to its being so remote. If you’re a skier, though, there are some reviews on Trip Advisor saying this isn’t the best place for a beginner to ski, but I’m seeing lots of small children skiing on the home page for the region. I’m not one to disparage so we’ll just put a pin in that one and move on.

Bermuda What? Fly through the triangle? Yes. People do it all the time and live to tell the tale. Getting to sunny, tropical Bermuda is a mere two- to three-hour flight from the East coast so it’s almost a no-brainer. I mean, you’ll drive two or three hours for a kick-ass indie band so… Once you’re there, you’ll want to make a second visit. Or a third. Or a fourth. Because Bermuda is wildly beautiful and welcoming to all visitors. In addition to the ocean breezes, the cozy cottages, and the stunning surf, Bermuda’s got some pretty awesome seafood, fresh from their waters. Think about it… Lobster for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Is that just me? Really?) But seriously, a traditional Bermuda breakfast is cod, boiled potatoes, onion, sliced banana hard-boiled egg, and avocado (when in season). All of this is topped with a butter onion sauce or a tomato. And that’s just breakfast. Imagine what lunch and dinner will be like! I need to go to Bermuda now. I’m hungry.

Image provided by Le Monastere Des Augustines

Le Monastere Des Augustines Technically, this is a monastery. Like, a real monastery. One wing, though, was retrofitted to be a 65-room boutique hotel in the heart of Québec, Canada. The building is very historical, the Augustinian Sisters found the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec there in 1639 and it became the first facility of its kind in North America, excluding Mexico. Today, though, with a shrinking community of Augustinian sisters, thought was given to how they might best preserve the (now) teaching hospital and enable it to support itself. Thus was born the wellness hotel. Guests there can now enjoy the peace and tranquility of a retreat with a unique blend of services, beginning with a tranquility breakfast eaten in silence. In addition to the healthful meals, this hotel also offers a variety of wellness treatments, all designed to help with stress, relaxation, and vitality, through yoga, meditation, and tranquility. I simply can’t imagine a better way to escape than to stay at a monastery, not talking to anyone at all for days.

Stay in a Cottage in the United Kingdom Picture it… You wake up and hear…nothing but the great outdoors. Why? Because you’re staying in a country cottage in the middle of the English countryside. No phones. No television. A pub down the road where people meet and drink. It’s like every romance novel you’ve ever read come to life! Everyone wants to travel overseas. And while staying in a hotel is great, imagine staying in a cottage for a week. To me, this sounds like heaven.

Getting away from it all isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so long as the proper planning goes into it. The secret to it all is not telling anyone where you’re going, other than “away.” If you want to take a friend along, most of these places give a lower rate for double-occupancy.

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