5 Things You Should Avoid Doing at a Company Christmas Party

Ahhh! You’re finally an adult. Odds are you have a professional job. And if you’re lucky enough, your job likes to celebrate holidays. Even better, celebrating holidays could mean company Christmas parties.

It’s the time of year when your co-workers will see what you’re like when you’ve had a few drinks. But you can avoid any embarrassment by learning what you shouldn’t do when you’re attending a company Christmas party.

Don’t Drink all the Booze

Save some for everyone else. Besides, you don’t want your co-workers and bosses thinking you’re a drunk. Obviously, it’s crucial to take up the opportunity to drink free alcohol, but getting too out of hand could ultimately hinder the possibility of promotion or for better things to happen in your career. Especially if you do something stupid while intoxicated, or even worse, not remembering the stupid thing you did and facing your co-workers every day, 40 hours per week. They will know everything. Meanwhile, you won’t.

Don’t Dress Like Santa or Ms. Clause

You might think it’s cute. Your co-workers might lie and say it’s cute. But it’s not Halloween and nobody else is doing it. And if it’s a kid-friendly event, do you really want parents asking you if their kid can sit on your lap while you lie to them about what you’re bringing them for Christmas? Don’t crush these kids’ spirits because if you have a wardrobe malfunction, they’ll know you’re a fake. Your co-workers will no longer like you because you crushed little Suzie or Tommy’s hopes and dreams. Don’t ruin relationships. Don’t dress like this. Just don’t.

Mean Girls talent show scene - Jingle Bell Rock
Mean Girls talent show scene – Jingle Bell Rock Source: Giphy

Don’t be Regina George

Just because it’s a work event and it’s not within business hours doesn’t mean you can dress like Regina George and her plastic squad from Mean Girls when they perform Santa Baby for their high school talent show. It’s a work function, which means you’re still around your superiors and they’re still judging you, as are your co-workers. If you want to dress like this, I’m sure there is a bar someplace close. But please, don’t embarrass yourself.

Don’t Bring Gifts

Odds are, this isn’t a gift exchange. If you’re the only one bringing little gifts for all your co-workers, then they feel bad and obligated to get you something in return. Sure, this is a great way to collect a ton of little gifts, but this isn’t the time of year to be greedy…Unless you’re Black Friday shopping. And think about the children. If you give their parents gifts and not them, then they feel left out and don’t understand why they’re not getting anything. Again, crushing their hopes and dreams and making co-workers mad at you. It’s not worth it, Santa. But if you’re bored with the typical holiday celebrations and you only look forward to giving and receiving gifts, read about how you can change up Christmas celebration.

Don’t Ignore People

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Especially if you’re drinking. Being a loner is fine, but nothing is worse than drinking alone. If you’re going to be that person you probably shouldn’t come to the party. Sitting in a corner drinking glass after glass of pinot noir without letting anyone around you know how drunk you are might resort in a DUI because no one will know if you need a ride home or not. And remember, you can lose your job with a DUI.

Don’t Skip

Work functions are easy to skip out on. The temptation is there. You can go out with your friends or bury yourself in a blanket on the couch eating Chinese takeout and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the 5th time this week. The freedom is yours. But just be social for one evening. Interacting with co-workers outside the normal environment can lead to new friends. You might have someone to eat takeout and watch movies with, and you’ll no longer need to do it along. How great would that be?!

No matter what you do, always try to present yourself well at any work function that goes on outside of business hours. Just because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean no one is paying attention. Oh, and side note: You should keep in mind what you post on social media because people are always watching.

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