Dressing Professionally, While Still Dressing Comfortably

Fashion in the workplace says a lot and can leave others with an impression about who you are. We all know the traditional wear, especially for the office, and how the attire must be in accordance with office policy. For many years, people held the belief that if you are not formally dressed – meaning heels, stockings, jackets, pencil skirts, tie, sleeved shirts, etc. – you’re inferior. In the workplace, everyone’s style is different, however, they are all designed with one theme in mind: Work clothes.

But in recent times, we’ve come to realize how we have been veering from traditional dressing and incorporated a classier and more chic look into the workplace. It’s not a problem to add a touch of personal style and branding into the way you present yourself without the world of “fashionistas” judging. Your fashion choice, whether you believe it or not, can impact the way you perform no matter the industry you work in. It’s highly recommend you get the just of your employers dress code before you attempt to dress more freely.

Making a statement is more important than anything else and doing it with pride emits confidence. But for any new work environment, ensure you stick to the solid rules for the first two weeks or so before making any adjustments. Once you‘ve made it through the first two weeks, then you can start adding a mix of flavor to your wardrobe without going too much off line.

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Here’s how you can be professional and fashionable.

Alter material type for same formal style

Alternating the fabric on your clothing choices is a good place to start. Incorporating a different material will allow you to stand out and feel more confident. Everyone has a favorite type, but mixing your style with the guidelines definitely does no harm.

Accessorizing your outfit

Whether we have worn one or seen someone something with a lack of flair, wearing a plain outfit can be boring and we all can relate to this. The lack of a little accessory brings nothing but a dull look for any office space and has no form of zing. But when the term “accessory” comes in, what does it entails? Have you ever seen a fabulous and flowing scarf worn to complement the look of an outfit? Maybe even a designed belt to keep that top secured and looking classy? Well those are just some of the accessories being referred to. Wearing a non-collar or low-cut blouse may not look appropriate for some offices, thus accessorizing with a classy but elegant scarf will help disguise those features.

There are other features which you can add to your dress code to enhance your wardrobe:

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Getting a nice modern-day grooming without looking too out of place will help give a polished look while maintaining professionalism. For casual days, while not giving the whole professional look away, how about going for a formal top with a casual bottom…it always works.


What about your makeup? Is it too much or could you do add a little more? Well check the mirror and your outfit, and you will know the perfect answer. Nothing is wrong with wearing darker shaded stockings to work, as it helps to complement and promote higher levels of professional behavior, conduct, and an overall look.

You can enter the workplace without your boss thinking you are headed to a party or the beach. There are ways to alter the way you dress in these modern times without looking too casual for work. Nothing is wrong with mixing a modern look with traditional workplace guidelines.

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