Most Annoying Things People Do on Air Planes

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When you’re squashed into a tin can with hundreds of other people at 35,000 feet, there’s certain etiquette you should be sure to follow. Before you get to kick back and relax on the beach, attend that mandatory business meeting or make a surprise visit to see family, here are some of the most annoying things that airplane passengers have to deal with while up in the sky.

Bare feet Passengers

Arguably this is the biggest pet-peeve of airline passengers and definitely one of the rudest. If you’re in the privacy of your own home and want to kick off those shoes for a little comfort, that’s perfectly fine. But, going barefoot on a plane full of strangers is as bad as it gets. No matter how many pedicures you’ve had or how cute you think your toenails are, please leave your shoes on for the sake of all those around you.

Arm seat Thief

We all know that riding coach on an airplane doesn’t provide passengers with an abundance of room. However, do not be the person that hogs the armrest from the person beside you. Some flights are longer than others, but there is no reason that the traveler can’t keep their elbows to themselves for the duration of a single flight.

Seat Kickers

Nobody wants to have a pair of feet pushing into the back of their seat whether it’s in a vehicle, or especially on a flight. Parents if you are flying with children, have the common courtesy to make sure your little munchkin isn’t kicking the seat of the passenger in front of them.

Chatty or Loud Passengers

There is nothing wrong with being friendly and striking up a conversation with a fellow passenger, but try to keep the chit-chat to a reasonable volume. If you’re talking to a passenger in row 20, the passengers in row 2 shouldn’t be able to hear every word. Along those lines, the person with headphones on is already telling you that they don’t want to make small talk for the duration of the flight. If a passenger has on headphones, don’t bother them. The same goes for the passenger that is reading a book. If you see someone one delving into magazine or book, don’t bother them.

Constant Bathroom Goer

Most flights aren’t overly long, so try to use the restroom before boarding the plane. This especially goes for the person in the window seat that needs to disturb one or two other passengers in order to let them out to go to the restroom. Don’t be the person that needs to be let out of the row multiple times for bathroom uses. After all, who really enjoys cramming into those airplane bathroom any way?

Drunk Passengers

Adult passengers are certainly entitled to enjoying an in-flight beverage, but know your limits. No one wants to deal with the passenger that drinks excessively on the flight and becomes obnoxious. It’s bad enough to have to be around an inebriated person at a bar or restaurant, but there isn’t a traveler around that wants to be bothered by a drunk person in the closed confines of an airplane. Believe me, you can make a couple hour flight without drinking yourself into a sloppy, annoying mess.

Flying has become more and more common for travelers throughout the country, so make sure to follow the above pointers to make sure you aren’t the passenger that is annoying everyone on the plane.

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