What’s so Great About iOS 12?

In this photo illustration, the logo of the Snapchat application is displayed on the screen of an Apple iPhone. (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Last Wednesday, September 12, Apple held its big event announcing the new products launching this fall, including iOS 12 which is set to enhance many of the favorite features among iPhone users, as well as adding more. But, what exactly does iOS 12 do?


Life gets busy and the last thing you want is to wait on your phone to load when you’re trying to open an app or respond to a text message. Apple gets that, too, which makes this update more valuable to its users as it’s meant to improve the user experience by making the iPhones and iPads perform faster and more responsively.

Apps launch 40 percent faster than before. When multi-tasking between apps, they will now launch 2 times faster you’ll be able to ignore that message on Facebook faster than ever before.

Or if you are eager to respond, the keyboard now loads 50 percent faster.

Up to 70 percent faster swipe to camera. Now, you won’t have to miss it when your cat or baby (Or both) is doing something cute because Apple has you covered.

If you can’t stand seeing a list of notifications covering your entire lock screen, Apple’s latest update is perfect for you! Your message threads and app notifications can now be grouped together. If you’re busy and don’t want to see any alerts, you can quietly send them to the notifications center and check back later. Lastly, for the notifications you do want to see, you can manually opt-in to receive them, even if your phone is in Do Not Disturb.

Other notification updates include:

Siri notification suggestions: Lets Siri suggest how to control the delivery of your notifications.

Instant tuning: You can control your notification the moment it is received without stopping your current task.

Tapback to messages: By pressing and holding the notification, you can quickly respond to a message with an expression because sometimes you just want the conversation to end already!


Four new animojis have been introduced to the Apple family. Now you have the choice between a T. Rex, koala, ghost and tiger. Animoji record clips have now been extended to 30 seconds.

An Animoji version of yourself that you can create to match your current mood and personality. You can create an unlimited number of Memojis to use in Messages and FaceTime.
Apple claims the Animojis have “more expression than ever” because your device can now detect when you wink or stick your tongue out. A new feature added also allows you to FaceTime with friends or family as your chosen Animoji. Having a bad hair day? You don’t have to worry about that anymore!

The camera in messages now has more affects! Images can now be enhanced through new effects and stickers (Third-party).

Your device will now suggest photo sharing based on the person you’re messaging with, whether you’ve taken photos together or what you’re talking about. Filters and shapes will be available for your photos, too. So, if you’re the kind of person who likes to send jazzy photos, then this update is for you.

Screen Time

One of the key parts of this new update is controlling and understanding how you or your kids are using these devices. Technology can be addictive, so screen time helps you control that by:

Restrict the amount of time your kids can spend on their device and what apps or websites they are using. Your Apple ID sets these limitations and they can request additional time at your discretion.

Downtime lets you block the user of certain apps for a set amount of time. You can make your choice of which apps you can and cannot live without for a set time.

App limits allows you to set an amount of time you and your kids spend on an app or website per day.

You can create exceptions for apps you would like to be available at all times. For example, educational apps.

Activity reports can be pulled from the devices to see just how much your device is used, picked up and the applications that are used.

Augmented Reality

Apple’s ARKit 2 has enhanced the augmented reality experience by allowing users to have a more immersive experience. You can send AR objects through Messages and Mail, then they can be viewed in the real world. You can also create a piece of AR are that can be viewed later by someone else in the same place. Lastly, AR now has face tracking for a more expressive experience.
This seems to be one of Apple’s most robust updates yet. There are several additional updates not listed in this article and you can view them by clicking here.

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