Kings Island’s Firehawk closing with no news on what might replace it

Firehawk roller coaster at Kings Island
Firehawk roller coaster at Kings Island Photo Credit: Kings Island

Kings Island, the famous amusement park in Mason, Ohio has recently stated that one of their 16 coasters have reached the end of its days. This morning we found out that the Firehawk was the chosen ride to be added to the “ride graveyard.” The Firehawk is a Flying Dutchman steel flying roller coaster located in the Coney Mall section of the park. It was built originally in 2001 at Worlds of Adventure in Aurora, Ohio as X-Flight before making its appearance at Kings Island in 2011.

Visitors of the park on Friday got to see the gravesite all set up for a funeral service with a sign that read “The air is eerily calm as we make final preparations for the ill-fated demise of one of our own.”

Kings Island officials said in a press release, “While still popular with many guests, park officials state the ride has simply reached the end of its service life.”

The final rides begin this weekend and the last days of operation occur on the last weekend of Halloween Haunt and the Great Pumpkin Fest (October 28). The ride will have been operational for just under 11 and a half years.

While we don’t know what is going to happen next, fans are hoping to get a new roller coaster to replace the Firehawk. We think it would be cool to bring back a new Son of Beast coaster.

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