America Haunts Lists Top 5 Scariest Entertainment Venues Nationwide

Horror is hot at the box office and ablaze at haunt attractions that have ratcheted up their immersive advantage to scare. America Haunts, a national association comprised of the leading haunted attractions, has named the top five scariest haunts of 2018.

There are no bones about it – the top 5 scariest attractions in the U.S. are:

  1. Haunted Hotel San Diego, California: The Haunted Hotel sends visitors on a stroll down a dark, zombie-infested alley where, unlike the walking dead of Hollywood, the undead are in hot pursuit and up close and personal. The apocalyptic nightmare continues into the swamp with triggers that hearken sea creatures and beasts to surface. The fearless may press on to the hospital with its shining examples of creepy and petrifying clowns.
  2. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses Ulster Park, New York: Encompassing 65 acres in the historic Hudson Valley, this haunted attraction has seemingly endless options from spooky to downright scary. Haunt illusions, special effects, animations, and detailed costumes won’t feel like folklore as the monsters and creatures make a 4D realistic experience.  This mega haunt has 375 cast and crew members to work at the hayrides, corn maze, ten haunted attractions, choice of eateries and gift shops for a screamingly fun time.
  3. 13th Floor Haunted House Phoenix, Arizona: This intense, graphic, theatrical show takes the courageous on a gut-wrenching journey of visceral thrills and psychological horror. The haunt features 60,000 square feet of shocking twists and horrifying turns where visitors get to experience two haunted houses. In the chaos, walls close in, floors shake and vibrate – and swarms of zombies and creatures stalk and pursue their victims. The cast uses multiple zip lines to jump and float from above.
  4. Nightmare on 13th Haunted House Salt Lake City, Utah: There are no stones unturned to frighten at this haunted attraction. The haunt draws on the psychology of fear with its 45 different rooms, including the Ossuary and the Bone Lord, Goblin mines and X-scream attraction. The scaring uses the latest bungee systems to make the haunt cast appear to have supernatural powers. The setting and the unsettling cast’s feats of terror rattle the psyche of visiting mortals and amplifies their fear.
  5. Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House Cincinnati, Ohio: Dent is an actual haunted school where, as legend has it, former janitor Charlie did in students many years ago. Guests walk through the spooky old schoolhouse and, with advanced projection mapping technology deployed, this haunt can make picture frames and statues appear eerily alive. The school’s cafeteria has been added to the venture and its food should be avoided!
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