KIDBOX Surpasses $12 Million in New Clothing Donations for Children in Need

KIDBOX, the first social mission-based kids’ style box, announced that with its recent donation of $2.8 million, the total amount donated in new children’s clothing through its partner Delivering Good has surpassed $12 million. KIDBOX is also evolving its social mission to inspire kids to do good and foster a new generation of givers and philanthropists. The company is working closely with its Kids Board of Directors on local give-back initiatives across the country.

KIDBOX is a box with a heart and a company that is dreaming bigger than ever before. With a social mission at its core to clothe one million children in need, KIDBOX gives families the opportunity to open up the conversation about giving back with their children. This conversation often happens for the first time when families decide on their charity donation together. Every season, there are new charities for customers to choose from, including supporting children in foster care, military families, children affected by natural disasters, and more. Over the past two years, the cause that KIDBOX customers donated to the most was children living in homeless shelters. With these donations, KIDBOX and its customers help to instill confidence and a sense of pride for less fortunate kids — one child at a time, one box at a time.

“Thanks to our partnership with Delivering Good, we’re able to continuously update our seasonal charities to ensure that our customers can donate to relevant causes across the country,” said Miki Berardelli, CEO of KIDBOX. “This way, we’re able to reach children swiftly and when they need it most. This season in particular, customers can choose to donate to victims of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.”

KIDBOX’s Kids Board of Directors brings the company’s mission to life, as each appointed member is encouraged to inspire others to do good. The new KIDBOX Kids Board of Directors features an impressive group of 12 kids from across the country between the ages of 8-14 who have demonstrated leadership and passion for social good.

“There is a new generation of kids that are eager to spread kindness and are actively looking to build a better world. Our Kids Board of Directors is the embodiment of this cultural progress,” said Haim Dabah, founder and Chief Giving Officer at KIDBOX. “Through our platform, hundreds of thousands of kids have selected their favorite charity to help other children. Doing good at a young age is contagious and very inspiring.”

“As the Chairman of KIDBOX’s Kids Board of Directors, I’m proud to be aligned with a company that shares my mission of doing good for those who may not have the same opportunities as I do,” said Kids Board of Directors Chairman Sidney Keys III. “I hope that the Board and I will inspire other kids and parents to give back to those less fortunate.”

Since the summer, each board member has developed and begun implementing ideas for local charitable events to help their communities. KIDBOX has provided them with $10,000 in clothing value to use at these events. A few notable Kids Board projects include:

  • Jayden Perez (nine-year-old, Woodland Park, NJ)
    • In October, Jayden flew to Puerto Rico to donate KIDBOX clothing to children affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Jayden personally handed out KIDBOX clothing donations to children in three different locations — Arecibo, Florida and Gurabo.
  • Chairman, Sidney Keys (12-year-old, St. Louis, MI)
    • This December, Sidney, an avid proponent of education and helping kids read, will host a National Book Month Skate Party. Proceeds from the event will go towards raising money for Chub Cares: Adopt a Bro. Sidney will also be donating KIDBOX clothing to 150 kids in need.
  • Daniella Benitez (14-year-old, San Diego, CA)
    • In October, Daniella traveled to Tijuana to build houses with Build a Miracle. There, she passed out new KIDBOX clothing to many of the children whose homes she built at the community center.
  • Aden Garf (12-year-old, Needham, MA)
    • In October, Aden, with help from Circle of Hope, an organization that teaches children about giving back, hosted an event where he invited kids hand write note tags to attach to the KIDBOX clothing he will be donating to children in shelters.
  • Carter Buchholz (10-year-old, Wooster, OH)
    • This month, Carter plans to create a fun Hollywood-style event with pizza and a photobooth for the children at Cornerstone Elementary School in Wooster Ohio. Cornerstone Elementary has 148 homeless students and Wooster has an 85% poverty rate within its schools.

KIDBOX is also proud to work with KIDBassador and actress, Brooklynn Prince, and her charity The Community Hope Center, a program-based organization that impacts low-income, poverty-level families and individuals living in and around Osceola County, Florida. KIDBOX has added The Community Hope Center to its list of four charities for donation for the next four seasonal boxes. This winter customers can donate to the Community Hope Center as well as to victims of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael, children advocacy and adoption organizations, and those that provide academic support for families in poverty.

KIDBOX’s Chief Giving Officer Haim Dabah will be an honoree at the Delivering Good Annual Gala on November 7 in NYC, themed “Our Children, Our Future,” for his passion for social good and extraordinary dedication to helping those in need. Since Delivering Good’s founding in 1985, over $1.8 billion of donated products have been distributed through its network of community partners, serving the poor and disadvantaged worldwide.

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